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The information provided includes data and materials obtained and/or derived from various sources including the Owner and third parties. The Auction Company and its agents and representatives have not undertaken to evaluate, verify or vouch for any information, records or reports regarding any purported legal, title, financial and/or income information regarding the Property and/or any particular attributes or features of the Property (collectively, “Property Attributes”). No warranty or authoritative representation is made or implied as to the accuracy of the information provided. If there is any question regarding the source of any information, please contact the Auction Company for clarification. The marketing materials prepared for this Auction, including this Internet Data Room, have been designed for prospective bidders who have (or have access to) the expertise necessary to independently evaluate any purported legal, title, financial, and/or income information regarding the Property and/or Property Attributes. The marketing materials are not intended as a complete record of information pertaining to the Property or Property Attributes, nor are they intended as a substitute for a complete and independent investigation, verification and evaluation by a prospective bidder and its qualified advisers. All prospective bidders are responsible for obtaining their own independent technical and legal advice and for conducting their own independent investigation and evaluation of the Property and Property Attributes and the information and materials provided with respect thereto, prior to submitting a bid.



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